Wilbur is a unique enemy that is a support for the Swine Prince. He serves to debuff and harass the heroes since the Swine Prince take up three spaces. Unlike other Swine enemies he is considered a full Beast type.

Attacks Edit

End This One Edit

A low damaging ranged attack that marks the hero to increase the damage of the Swine Prince.

End These Two Edit

Similar to first one but targets the two front heroes.


A very low damage attack that attacks the whole party, having a moderate chance to stun.

Notes Edit

Wilbur is a very weak enemy and has some of the lowest resistances among enemies. However his mark attacks and debuffs can make the heroes vulnerable to the Swine Prince's many powerful attacks. However killing him too quickly can doom the group since it will drive the Prince into a rage and remove any debuffs he had. If Wilbur is spared as the last enemy, he will only use Squeal as his attack. Do be wary that he has a moderate/good chance to stun your party, Stun resisting charms can help against this.

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