Trinkets are small items that give certain benefits to heroes they are equipped on. However, most of these items have a negative effect too. Every hero is allowed to carry two with them, although some trinkets can only be used by a certain classes or require a hero to be at a certain rank.

Trinkets can be earned though three ways: Buying them from the Nomad Wagon once it's avaliable in Town, finding them in dungeons, or earning them from certain quests.

Trinket List Edit

There are many trinkets that serve many uses for every build. However, remember that most have a negative addition so be prepared for certain changes or risks to your heroes.

Classless Trinkets Edit

These trinkets can be used by any class.

Common: Edit

  • Move Stone: +10% chance to push/pull skills, -2 accuracy
  • Blood Charm: +10% blight resist, +15% bleed resist, -12 disease resist
  • Blight Charm: +10 blight resist, -4 dodge
  • Speed Stone: +1 speed, -1% crit
  • Bloodthirst Ring: -100% food consumed, +10% max hp, -8 dodge
  • Reckless Charm: +5 accuracy, -4 dodge
  • Accuracy Stone: +3 accuracy, -4 dodge
  • Stun Stone: +10% chance to stun skills, -4 dodge

Uncommon: Edit

  • Surgical Gloves: +3% crit, -12% damage
  • Worrystone: +10% resist affliction, -2 speed
  • Move Amulet: +10% chance to push/pull skills, +10% move resist, -4 accuracy
  • Blight Amulet: +10% chance to blight skills, +10% blight resist, -8 dodge

Rare: Edit

  • Brawler's Gloves: (In rank 1) +10% damage, -4% crit
  • Book of Sanity: +16% stress resist, -16% stun resist, -16% debuff resist
  • Quick Draw Charm: (First Round) +8 speed, (First Round) +5% crit, (Not First Round) -5 speed
  • Feather Crystal: +2 speed, +10 dodge, -12% stun resist, -12% move resist
  • Berserk Charm: +2 speed, +15% damage, -15% stress resist, -8% resist affliction

Crusader Trinkets Edit

Common: Edit

  • Defender's Seal: +5% protection, -2% crit

Uncommon: Edit

  • Paralyzer's Crest: +15% stun skills, +10% accuracy (melee only), -4% crit (melee only)

Ancestral: Edit

  • Holy Orders: +15% Resist Affliction, +12% Stress Resist, +15% Death Blow Resist, -12 DODGE, -3 SPD

Jester Trinkets Edit

Common: Edit

  • Bloody Dice: +20% chance to bleed skills, -1% crit

Uncommon: Edit

  • Lucky Dice: +3% accuracy, +5 dodge, -8% damage

Leper Trinkets Edit

Common: Edit

  • Healing Armlet: +10% heal received, -8% max hp

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