The Swine Prince is the first boss of the Warrens. He is also the first three sized enemy the heroes will face. Oddly unlike the other Swine based enemies he is considered a full Beast type.

Attacks Edit

Obliterate Body Edit

A very damaging single target attack, the Swine Prince/King/God often aims this at a target marked by Wilbur.

Obliterate Masses Edit

A very damaging attack that hits two characters, often those marked by Wilbur.

Wild Flailing Edit

A moderately damaging attack that randomly hits a hero.

Enraged Destruction Edit

A high damaging attack that hits all heroes and has a high chance to cause stun. Will use this is Wilbur is attacked/dead.

Notes Edit

The Swine Prince's main threat is the high damage he can cause. Don't waste time healing the party unless needed since all attacks should be directed to him. The low dodge makes it easy to hit him along with his nonexistent bleed and blight resistance make it simple to pile up debuffs.

However if Wilbur dies he will go into a rage and only use Enraged Destruction along with removing any debuffs that were on him. This can quickly wipe out the party since it can stun lock everyone. It is best to lower his health before killing Wilbur or killing the Prince first before taking care of his minion.

The only times that the Swine Prince/King/God will use Enraged Destruction is when Wilbur is dead or gets attacked. If you attack Wilbur by accident or with intent, the boss will use Enraged Destruction. If you want an easy fight, avoid attacking Wilbur until the boss is dead! Your party members might comment that the boss is protecting Wilbur upon Enraged Destruction has been used.

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