Pile of scrolls

Description Edit

A bunch of scrolls. The cursive is sloppy and difficult to read.

Occurrence Edit

Result Edit

  • (33.3% odds) The scrolls are a well-rendered map of the road ahead... (Scout dungeon)
  • (33.3% odds) The scrolls are merely records of dull transactions... (Nothing)
  • (16.7% odds) The scrolls forever change the hero. (Gain quirk, 66.7% to gain positive quirk, 33.3% to gain negative quirk)
  • (16.7% odds) The scrolls contain hideous portents. (Gain effect, Stress damage level 2)
  • (Use Torch) The scrolls are full of evil writings. Burning them is a weight off of the hero... (Purge, remove negative quirk)