"Ruin has come to our family."

- The Narrator, intro cinematic

The Narrator, also known as the Ancestor, comments on most events and actions in the game. His experiments led to the estate being in the condition it is in the game. The Narrator is voiced by Wayne June.

Story Edit

Living a comfortable life of wealth and luxury, the Narrator eventually became bored with what he referred to as "conventional extravagence." He uncovered stories of strange powers hidden beneath his manor and spent the rest of his life and money attempting to access it. Once his efforts bore fruit, he learned that this "power" was in fact a portal to linking another realm into his, from which strange monsters and eldritch horrors exited. Most of the workforce hired to unearth the portal were killed or otherwise unable to escape; only the Narrator managed to flee with his life, but not before what he had seen took a toll on his sanity.

After an unknown amount of time passes, the Narrator sends a letter addressed to the player character requesting their assistance before taking his own life. It is implied that the townsfolk of the hamlet had formed a mob to kill him around the time the letter was sent, but the Narrator had already killed himself before they found him.

Quotes Edit

Recruiting a new hero
Bounty Hunter "The thrill of the hunt. The promise of payment."
Crusader "A mighty sword arm anchored by holy purpose. A zealous warrior."
Grave Robber "To those with a keen eye, gold gleams like a dagger's point."
Hellion "Barbaric rage and unreleting savagery make for a powerful ally."
Highwayman "Elusive, evasive, persistent. Righteous traits for a rogue!"
Jester "He will be laughing still at the end."
Leper "This man understands that adversity and existence are one and the same."
Occultist "To fight the abyss, one must know it."
Plague Doctor "What better laboratory than the blood-soaked battlefield?"
Vestal "A sister of battle, pious and unrelenting!"


Battle Events
Hero delivers crit "A singular strike!"

"A devastating blow!"

"A powerful blow!"

"Well struck!"

Hero suffers crit "Death waits for the slightest lapse in concentration."

"Such a terrible assault cannot be left unanswered!"

"Dazed, reeling, about to break."

"Mortality clarified in a single strike!"

"How quickly the tide turns!"

Weak enemy killed in one hit "Executed with impunity!"

"Begone, fiend!"

Enemy killed in one hit "Destroyed!"



Enemy killed before it can attack "As the fiend falls, a faint hope blossoms."

"Confidence surges as the enemy crumbles!"

"Press this advantage. Give them no quarter!"

Large enemy killed "Prodigious size alone does not dissuade the sharpened blade."

"The bigger the beast, the greater the glory!"

"A victory. Perhaps a turning point."

"Prodigious size has no intrinsic merit, unless inordinate exsanguination be considered a virtue."

"Their cursed champion falls!"

Enemy killed with bleeding or blight damage[1] "Great is the weapon that cuts on its own."

"The slow death: Unforeseen. Unforgiving."

Party is below 50% HP "Injury and despondance set the stage for heroism...or cowardice."
Hero is at Death's Door "A hand's breadth from becoming unwound."

"Teetering on the brink, facing the abyss."

"And now the true test: hold fast or expire."

"Perched at the very precipice of oblivion."

"As life ebbs, terrible vistas of emptiness reveal themselves."

Hero is killed "This is no place for the weak or foolhardy."

"Survival is a tenuous proposition in this sprawling tomb."

"More blood soaks the soil, feeding the evil therein."

"Another life wasted in the pursuit of glory and gold."

"More dust, more ashes...more disappointment."

Retreating from combat "The sin is not in being outmatched, but in failing to recognize it."

"The wise general cuts losses and regroups."

"This skirmish may be lost, but the battle may yet be won."

Retreat fails "Cornered, trapped, and forced to fight on!"

"True desperation is known only when escape is impossible."

"No chance for egress! Will this be a massacre?"

Combat victory "These nightmarish creatures can be felled! They can be beaten!"

"Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer."

"A trifling victory, but a victory nonetheless."

"This expedition, at least, promises success."

"As victories mount, so too will resistance."

Dungeon Events
Beginning approach to the hamlet "Brigands have run of these lands. Keep to the side paths, the hamlet is just ahead."
Encountering first enemy in tutorial "Dispatch this thug in brutal fashion that all may hear of your arrival!"
Encountering abandoned bandit camp in tutorial "Leave nothing unchecked. There is much to be found in forgotten places."
Encountering first bandit party "An ambush! Send these vermin a message: The rightful owner has returned, and their kind is no longer welcome!"
Beginning a scout mission in the Ruins "Pace out the halls of your lineage once familiar, now foreign."
Beginning an exterminate mission in the Ruins "The fiends must be driven back, and what better place to begin than the seat of our noble line?
Beginning a gathering mission in the Ruins "There is power in symbols. Collect the scattered scraps of faith and give comfort to the masses."
Beginning a curio activation mission in the Ruins "Can the defiled be consecrated? Can the fallen find rest?"
Beginning a scout mission in the Warrens "To prosecute our war against the swine, we must first scout their squalid homes."
Beginning an exterminate mission in the Warrens "They breed quickly down there in the dark, but perhaps we can slay them even faster."
  1. A glitch causes the lines for "Large enemy killed" to be played instead of these.