The Man-at-Arms is a seasoned veteran of combat, and has been rewarded for his toil with haunting guilt and stoic resilience in equal measure. Immovable, commanding, and focused, the Man-at-Arms breaks down enemy lines with his mace, buckler, and furious battle cries.

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Man-at-arms was added to the game in Fiends & Frenzy Update on May 28, 2015.

A veteran steeled by many a campaign, he's a tough all-around fighter. Attack, defense, versatility--he knows his way around a battle, with few weaknesses. Accordingly, he can anchor any party. His dedication to a lifetime of martial arts means he can spend time while camping to prepare himself for optimal performance in the upcoming fights. Nobody is better prepared than a professional soldier.


Clad in the heaviest plate, the Man-at-Arms is a mace-wielding wrecking ball! Quick to react and adapt he is most effective leading the charge, protecting his companions with his unbreakable shield

- In-Game Description

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