Abandoned AxeAbbeyAbomination
AbusiveAcademic's RobesAffliction System
Alchemy TableAltar of LightAncestor's Memoirs
Ancient CoffinAnimalistic Shrine (Quest)Antiquarian
AntivenomArbalestArmored Garb
Attendant's RobesBalanced Pick & KnivesBandage
Bandit's OvercoatBandits Trapped ChestBattered Chestplate
Battered LongswordBattered SkullBattle-Tested Glaive
Beast CarcassBlacksmithBleached Skull
BlightBone AltarBone Arbalist
Bone CommanderBone CourtierBone Defender
Bone RabbleBone SoldierBone Spearman
BookshelfBounty HunterBrigand Bloodletter
Brigand CutthroatBrigand FusilierBronzed Chestplate
Buckled LeathersBustCamp
Carrion EaterChain and PlateChainmail
Chirurgeon's SatchelCitrineConfession Booth
Corrupted Altar (Quest)CourageousCove
Crafted SachetsCrateCrests
CroneCrude CrossbowCrude Cudgel, Frayed Collar
Crude SachetsCrusaderCultist Acolyte
Cultist BrawlerDarkest DungeonDarkest Dungeon Wiki
Death's DoorDeath's HeadDecorative Urn
DeedsDepressedDinner Cart
Discarded PackDiseased GrenadesDoctor's Robes
Durable OvercoatEctoplasmEerie Spiderweb
Eldritch AltarEmeraldExceptional Pick & Knives
FearfulFine AxeFine Cloth, Hammered Plate
Fine JacketFine SkullFirewood
Fish IdolFlintlock, Rusty BladeFluted Pistol, Sharpened Edge
FocusedFoodFoodstuff Crate
Footman's MaceFormal JacketFresh Leather & Furs
Fungal ArtilleryFungal ScratcherGargoyle
Geysers of BloodGilded MaceGold
Grave RobberGraveyardGreatsword
GuildHagHeavy Crossbow
Heavy Executioner's SwordHeirloom ChestHellion
HeroesHighwaymanHoly Fountain
Holy RelicHoly WaterHoundmaster
HungerIncubating MutationIndomitable
Infected CorpseInfected Corpse (Quest)Intern's Robes
Iron MaidenIrrationalJade
JesterLarge EctoplasmLarge Strongbox
Left LuggageLeperLight Cloth and Plate
Light LevelList of ObjectsLocked Display Cabinet
Locked SarcophagusLocked StrongboxLongsword
MaggotMakeshift Dining TableMan-at-Arms
MapMasochisticMaster-Sewn Leather & Furs
Master Sergeant's MaceMaster Sergeant's PlateMasterful Executioner's Sword
Masterful Sickle, Fine LuteMasterwork Sickle, Fine LuteMedicinal Herbs
Military-Issue ArmorMocking GarbMoonshine Barrel
Motley GarbMummified RemainsNarrator
Necromancer ApprenticeNomad's WagonOccult Scrawlings
OccultistOld TreeOnyx
Padded GarbPadded OvercoatParanoid
Patched JacketPile of BonesPile of Scrolls
Pilfered JacketPlague DoctorPlate
Polished Pistol & BladePortraitPowerful
Primitive GlaivePristine FountainPrivate's Mace
Professional's AxeProvisionsQuesting Longsword
QuirksRabid GnasherRack of Blades
Ragged Leather VestReclaimed Sickle and LuteRed Hook Studios, Inc.
Refined PlateReforged ChestplateRefurbished Axe
Reinforced ChestplateReinforced GlaiveReinforced Leathers
Reliable Pick and KnivesReliable PlateReliquary (Quest)
Resilient GlaiveRestitched Leather and FursRigid Leathers
RubyRuinsRusted Chains
Rusted Executioner's SwordRusted MaceRusty Hauberk
SackSacrificial StoneSanitarium
SapphireSarcophagusScale and Leathers
Scholar's RobesSconceSecond-Hand Plate
SelfishSergeant Major's MaceSergeant Major's Plate
ShadowlaceShallow GraveSharpened Executioner's Sword
Sharpened Sickle, Restrung LuteShoddy SplitShovel
Silk Robes, Hardened PlateSkeleton KeySlavering Ghoul
SpitterStack of BooksStagecoach
StalwartStalwart MaceSteady Mace
Stitched Leather VestStolen Pick and KnivesStress
Sturdy Cudgel, Rope CollarSuit of ArmorSurgeon's Robes
SurprisingSurvivalistSwine Chopper
Swine DrummerSwine PrinceSwine Slasher
Swine WretchTattered RobesTavern
The Blessed BulwarkThe Broken BladeThe Bubonic Hearld
The Good, The Bad, and The UglyThe Hand of LightThe Long Crusade
The Malignant MantleThe ProphetThe Razor's Edge
The SirenThe UncatchableThe Widowmaker
Thunder & LightningTorchTown
Toxic GrenadesTrapTraveller's Tent
TrinketsTroubling EffigyTurn-based Combat
Unlocked StrongboxVersatile Pistol and BladeVestal
Veteran's CrossbowVigorousWandering Brigands
WilburWitch HuntWorn Cloth and Plate
Worn Leather, Tattered FursWorn OvercoatWorn Sickle, Untuned Lute
Zealous Conviction

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