A tough and uncommonly compassionate ex-lawman, the Houndmaster and his faithful Wolfhound work in tandem to bring down their enemies and protect the innocent. Together they stalk the back ranks, bursting forth in a flurry of harrying bleeds, gnashing teeth, and stunning blows. Should the tide of battle turn, they can support an ailing party by protecting the weak, and rallying the stressed.

- Official Website

This character was added to the game in Corpse and Hound Update on 15th July 2015.


Still clad in his worn Gendarme's uniform, the Houndmaster's focus is on evasion over mitigation. His cudgel is an effective stunning tool, but it is the Hound who delivers the pair's most crippling blow especially when he's been fed an invigorating snack!

- In-Game Description


  1. Crude Cudgel, Frayed Collar
  2. Sturdy Cudgel, Rope Collar
  3. Fine Cudgel, Leather Collar
  4. Studded Cudgel & Collar
  5. The Lawbringer


  1. Ragged Leather Vest
  2. Stitched Leather Vest
  3. Resilient Leather Vest
  4. Splinted Leather Vest
  5. Gendarme's Pride

Arbalest · Abomination · Bounty Hunter · Crusader · Grave Robber · Hellion · Highwayman · Houndmaster · Jester · Leper · Man-at-Arms · Occultist · Plague Doctor · Vestal

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