The Hag (Also known as the Wizened Hag and the Hag Witch) is the boss located in the Weald. She is always stay in the backlines, with the Cauldron being in the front.


Into The Pot!Edit

Will grab any of the heroes in your party. Very accurate. Causes very little damage if successful, but will also put that hero out of play briefly by placing that hero into the Hag's Cauldron, causing continuous damage to that hero every turn. Striking the Cauldron with enough damage will free the hero. If the attack is dodged/misses, no hero will be placed inside the Cauldron.

Meat TenderizerEdit

The Hag attacks the entire party with her Meat Tenderizing hammer. A medium damaging attack. The Hag can still do this attack if there is no hero in the pot.

Taste The StewEdit

The Hag Tastes the stew, causing low damage and roughly 10 stress points to the rest of the party. A hero must be in the Cauldron in order for the Hag to do this attack(?).

Season To PerfectionEdit

The Hag "spices" a chosen hero. A low damaging attack, but has a chance to debuff the targeted hero(-25% damage and -10 Accuracy) and causes roughly 10 stress points. The Hag can still do this attack if there is no hero in the Cauldron.


While the Hag is one of the weaker bosses in the game for the moment, she makes this up by having rather dangerous attacks, especially Into the pot!. If someone has been placed inside the Cauldron and depending on how much Health Points the hero has, strike the Cauldron. This is especially important if your hero isn't that very durable, as the Into the Pot! can easily place your heroes into the death's door state.

If you retreat from battle while a hero is in the pot the hero will be killed.

The Pot will dump its victim out when it reaches Death's Door. The victim is always dumped out in position 1. If your entire party is at Death's Door, she will not throw anyone into the pot. Any damage to the Pot while no victim is in it, will deal 1 damage. The Pot will restore all its health after dumping a victim.

Best method to kill the Hag: Ignore the pot, put as much bleed damage on the Hag as possible. Use classes that can hit enemy position 3 or 4. If anyone on your team cannot hit at that range, they are fairly useless.

A Hellion with the If It Bleeds skill can cause a rapid build up of bleed damage together with a potent amount of ordinary damage to the hag.

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