Ectoplasm are Eldritch enemies that appear in the Weald. They normally attack in a group or paired with Cultists.

Description Edit

The Ectoplasm is a human sized pillar of pale green ooze that holds the unfortunate skeletal remains of previous adventurer within itself. Bits of whatever weapons and clothing the doomed traveler had also float around within the Eldritch mass.

Attacks Edit

Ectoplasmic Infusion
4321 1n2n3n4

By far one of the most dangerous moves this monster has. It hits the whole hero line for very low damage but it will create another Ectoplasm. However there is a chance for it to spawn a Large Ectoplasm which can seriously turn the battle.

4321 1234

A low to moderate damage single target attack that can reach anyone in the party.

4321 1234

Deals low to moderate damage and creates a clone.

Notes Edit

While weak in health and in dealing damage this enemy can keep spawning more of itself or the dangerous larger version if you're unlucky. Group targeting or strong attacks are best to remove them before they spawn more.

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