Decorative urn

Description Edit

An urn holds ashes of the departed.

Occurrence Edit

Result Edit

  • (44.4% odds) Sentimental gifts are hidden inside. (Gain loot)
  • (22.2% odds) The urn has nothing but ashes inside. (Nothing)
  • (22.2% odds) The hero becomes infected by the ashes. (Gain effect, Blight)
  • (11.1% odds) The hero contracts a deadly disease. (Gain disease, 66.7% to gain 'Creeping Cough', 33.3% to gain one random disease)
  • (Use Shovel) What sort of person defiles the dead? (Gain quirk, 'Guilty Conscience')
  • (Use Holy Water) The consecrated water disolves the ashes. Valuables remain! (Gain loot)
  • The ashes cause the hero to cough violently. (Gain quirk)

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