A runaway turned soldier, the Arbalest is the definitive backline fighter. Able to rain suppressing fire down on the enemy, snipe high profile targets and apply powerfully effective first-aid, she is a rallying point, a turret, a beacon in the dark.

- Official Webpage

Arbalest was added to the game in Fiends & Frenzy Update on May 28, 2015.

Heavily armored and nigh immovable, the Arbalist can hold the line in the face of any opposition. Her massive crossbow can suppress and eviscerate oncoming attackers, paving the way for a full scale rush! Bring some serious firepower on your next run – bring the Arbalist.


The Arbalest takes her name from the massive crossbow she carries into battle. Able to decimate enemies at range with a dizzying array of ammuniton, she wears medium plate for increased protection against the volleys she knows are comming...

- In-Game Description

Arbalest · Abomination · Bounty Hunter · Crusader · Grave Robber · Hellion · Highwayman · Houndmaster · Jester · Leper · Man-at-Arms · Occultist · Plague Doctor · Vestal

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