Coming from the shadowed east in pursuit of antiques, relics, and rarities, the Antiquarian finds herself drawn to the Hamlet…

- Official Website

The Antiquarian, previously known as the Merchant Class was the final character class to be added to the game proper. Statistically, she has the worst base stats in the game but makes up for it with her eye for treasure. When using the Antiquarian in your party, the maximum amount of gold you can carry in one stack increases from 1500 to 2000 and you also have a chance of finding 'Antiques' which range in price from either 250 or 1000 gold.

Combat SkillsEdit

  • Conniving Stab 1
    • Melee
    • ACC base: 65
    • DMG mod: -40%
    • CRIT mod: 2%
  • Protect Me 1
    • Melee
    • Self: +15 ACC
  • Get Down 1
    • Melee
    • Self: +40% DMG, +3% CRIT
  • Festering Vapours 1
    • Melee
    • Self: Stress Heal +5, 20% PROT
  • Flashpowder 1
    • Melee
    • Self: Heal 4 HP
  • Emboldening Vapours 1
    • Melee
    • ACC base: 80
    • DMG mod: -40%
    • Target: Knockback 1, -10 ACC

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